"As a creative professional with over a decade of experience in the music industry, I've had the privilege of contributing to a diverse range of projects. Whether designing cover artwork, promotional materials, posters, stage visuals, or merchandise, my work has involved collaborating with a wide variety of artists and bands. I've brought their unique visions to life through my designs and have gained a deep understanding of the role design plays in promoting and elevating an artist's work.
I've also stayed current with the latest trends and technologies in the field, consistently delivering high-quality and impactful work. Notable projects include designing the label and die-cut for the Sawblade EP by Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No), creating original collages and preparing product for the CD release of The Alchemist's 'Russian Roulette,' and designing album covers for artists like Pusha T's 'Fear of God 2, and a few others.
In addition to album work, I've designed numerous posters for events such as SXSW, CMJ, AC3, and promotional materials. My extensive background in the music industry allows me to bring a deep understanding of the culture and its nuances to every project, ensuring my designs resonate with both artists and audiences.

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