Design distinct websites for each of Gerber Group's bar and restaurant establishments, each with its unique atmosphere and brand identity. Additionally, create promotional materials and visuals for Thrashin Week, a Fashion Week alternative event featuring a skate ramp and parties in a high-end bar overlooking Columbus Circle on Central Park West.
Approach & Contribution: 
Worked closely with Gerber Group to capture the individual ambiance and essence of each bar and restaurant in the website designs. Crafted unique website layouts, color schemes, and interactive features that reflected the personality of each establishment. For Thrashin Week, collaborated with the client to produce promotional items, visuals, and marketing materials that conveyed the event's fusion of high-end fashion and skate culture.
Designed visually captivating and functional websites for Gerber Group's bar and restaurant venues, effectively representing their distinct personalities. The promotional materials and visuals for Thrashin Week contributed to the event's success in blending fashion and skateboarding in a high-end setting, providing a unique alternative to Fashion Week activities.
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